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Air Conditioning Vacuum Pump Every time you use your air conditioning vacuum pump, do yourself a favor and change the oil. I mention this first off because I’ve known a lot of technicians who don’t change vacuum pump oil until it turns a dark color. The frame of mind seems to be “Never mind what the owner’s manual says, it’s still pulling down to 29 Hg, so why change the oil? If you have a good set of gauges that aren’t leaking, you can use them with your air conditioning vacuum pump to evacuate systems that are 5 tons and smaller. On larger systems, use copper tubing and isolation valves, directly off the vacuum pump, and don’t use a manifold gauge set. Attatch a micron gauge to the system, again with copper tubing and an isolation valve.

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This article will walk you through the process of properly recharging your air conditioning to get cool air blowing through your vents once again. HVAC leaks are a common issue in most vehicles, especially when they really start to rack up the miles. If you’ve experienced symptoms like a lack of cooling, rapid cycling of the compressor clutch compressor is turning on and off rapidly , or the clutch doesn’t engage at all, your refrigerant level is likely lower than it needs to be.

Volkswagen Cabriolet DIY Guide Relay/Fuse Diagrams & Electrical System Notes: A15 Back-up Lights Reverse light switch Black D19 HVAC Blower motor switch pin + Black/Red D20 Emergency Flashers Emergency flasher switch pin 15 Black/Blue.

See Article History Pressure gauge, instrument for measuring the condition of a fluid liquid or gas that is specified by the force that the fluid would exert, when at rest, on a unit area, such as pounds per square inch or newtons per square centimetre. The reading on a gauge, which is the difference between two pressures, is known as the gauge pressure. If the lower of the pressures is the pressure of the atmosphere, the total, or absolute, pressure is the sum of the gauge and atmospheric pressures.

The simplest device for measuring static pressures up to about 90 pounds per square inch 62 newtons per square cm is a U-tube manometer shown in the figure , in which one column of a liquid in the tube is open to a region of high pressure and the other column to a region of low pressure. The differential pressure is indicated by the difference in level between the two columns of liquid, and it is calculated as the difference in level multiplied by the density of the liquid.

The manometer liquids most commonly used are mercury , oil, alcohol, and water. Two types of pressure gauge Left A U-tube manometer, in which differential pressure is measured as the difference h between the high-pressure reading and the low-pressure reading, multiplied by the density of the liquid in the tube. Right A Bourdon-tube gauge, in which a coiled tube, flattened into the cross section shown and attached to a fixed block, is open to a pressurized fluid.

The tube straightens slightly under pressure to a degree measured by a pointer. The Bourdon-tube gauge , invented about , is still one of the most widely used instruments for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases of all kinds, including steam, water, and air up to pressures of , pounds per square inch 70, newtons per square cm. The device also shown in the figure consists of a flattened circular tube coiled into a circular arc.

One end is soldered to a central block and is open to the fluid whose pressure is to be measured; the other end is sealed and coupled to the pointer spindle. When the pressure inside the tube is greater than the outside pressure, the tube tends to straighten, thus turning the pointer. The pressure is read on a circular scale.


I have yet to hook up my mini split system because it has taken me a long time to find a HVAC installer that would install my mini split, the reason being they all want to sell you the equipment if they are going to install it. This was an unknown factor to me when I ordered my unit, but these are the bumps in the road you experience when you live The Tiny Life.

To give you an idea, older systems have a SEER of around 8 to 10, modern systems that are labeled highly efficient have a rating of 15 or so, but most today are around Read about my tiny house solar panel system by clicking here. The higher the number, the better.

On this page we have listed some popular questions with answers that our customer’s have asked us in their emails. I hope this will help answer some of your questions about heating and air conditioning.

I hope this will help answer some of your questions about heating and air conditioning. More questions and answer will be coming soon. If you have a question please email us anytime: Thank you so very much for visiting our website! One of my favorite quotes by David Jeremiah: I am going through an ignitor almost every year. I think it is because my furnace to cycle off and on too much. What could be the cause for my furnace cycling too much? Furnace short cycling is very hard on the furnace and hard on your energy bill.

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Tachometers Diesel Tachometer Guide Diesel Diesel tachs may require a sender, depending on the engine. These tachs are offered in “dedicated” specific sender type versions. Engine has No Provision for Tach Sender:

Whats odd is that the gauge and AC may fail but no light and no code – But even with no code pushing the clear codes button on the code reader gets it all back up and working – sometimes for a day / maybe a week / could be a month.

You do your own plumbing, home improvements, and even change the oil in your car. Should you attempt it or are geothermal heat pumps just too complicated for even gifted amateurs? The answer is a little complicated. Obviously, there are some technical differences, but nothing obnoxiously complicated. You need a location for the pump, convenient connections to the interior ductwork, and easy access to the exterior ground loop. If you know your way around wires and utility boxes, this too is an area you should be able to handle.

The ground installation type will determine how much earthwork is required. Even relatively shallow excavation, about six feet or so in our case, can be dangerous. A word of warning: Vertical Installation The main alternative to a horizontal loop is a vertical loop.

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You don’t have to be stuck with what the factory decided would be the best look for your Chevrolet gauges. Aftermarket Chevrolet gauge faces can bring a whole new level of style to your interior, and will certainly make your Chevrolet gauges a lot more interesting to look at! Whether you are into the subtlety of backlit stainless steel or the outrageousness of glowing flames, a Chevrolet gauge face kit will transform the look of your dashboard for the better. Gauge faces are available in many more styles than just the popular Chevrolet white-faced designs.

One example is a 2/0 wire made from 5, strands of #36 gauge wire. The strands are organized by first creating a bundle of 7 strands. Then 7 of these bundles are put together into super bundles.

As you can see in the images below, the X U is virtually the same height as the Ford double DIN radio and climate controls combined… and quite a bit wider! Since the X U will need to be custom installed into pretty much every vehicle out there, Alpine graciously supplies a trim ring that can be molded into the dash. Said trim ring can be seen in the previous two images. I then like to hold the ring in place with superglue, in a few key places. This will hold the ring in place while I permanently glue it in place with Norton Speed Grip 2-part plastic epoxy: I make sure to maintain the shape of the trim ring to the front of the OEM dash panel.

In the next image, you will notice that I had to build up a section under the head unit buttons to make for a seamless transition from the Alpine trim ring to the OEM dash panel. Once I was happy with shape of everything and filled any little pin holes etc. Once the texture coat dried, I applied a OEM matching top coat to give its final finish:

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I have put on gauges and turned unit on. I closed service valve on low pressure side and the pressure increased on low side but never went down to a vacuum. The reason being is that the pressures being read when a valve is closed, is the pressure upstream of the valve, towards the evaporator. Pulling a system into a vacuum is done with a vacuum pump and you wouldn’t close either line to accomplish this, but just hook up the pump and pull it down to microns or less.

Ac Refrigerant Manifold Gauges HVAC Air Conditioning Charging Service Set PSI Kit Halogen Diagnostic Tool for R22 R R with Three 60″ Hoses in Red ‘, 16 gauge, 4 conductor trailer light hook up wire, white, brown, yellow, Green, 4 conductors made from % copper, abrasion & weather resistant, 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees.

Donation Info Some caveats: This applies to only You better have good gauges. The gauges have to read both high and low pressure, and is set for R A. Gauges High side and low side port mounts that attach to the gauge hoses R A can tap top screw mount tap Vacuum pump at least 1 CFM that can pull up to 25psi of vacuum UV Dye lamp Good ventilation You HAVE to read both the high and low side ports in order to determine what’s wrong with your system.

Screw up – and you could have a nice little overpressure explosion. Flying shrapnel isn’t cool. It compresses a gas, let’s it expand, and physics basically says that when a gas expands, it tends to cool. As the gas expands, air is passed by a hose grid and is subsequently cooled. However, it’s molecular structure is smaller than a lot of the seals, so it will leak.

Not a lot – but it will leak. Hence why it needs to be topped off every once in a while. The system has a high side and a low side.

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Thu, 9 Aug Hello, I was reading your nice website and found it very interesting. I am wondering where I should attach the high vacuum pump to evacuate the system. This is something I can’t seem to find out about.

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Dislikes Received 4 If you have a reciprocating compressor try running in cool mode if OD temperature is not to cold if OD temperature is cold use newspaper around the outdoor unit or start stop the the outdoor fan to get the pressures up. Then having a gauge port on the common suction port , front seat the liquid line service valve and see if the compressor pulls down to near zero PSI.

Depending on length of line set and the extra refrigerant used you may or may not get it to zero or even a vacuuming. Make sure the thermostat is set to lowest setting and if the reversing valve is energized in cool mode then shut the line voltage power off to the outdoor unit and see if your low side pressures rise the reversing valve should still be energized you may have to do this several times as there still may be some refrigerant in the accumulator that is boiling off and raising your low side pressure.

If it still continues to rise you may have bad valves or certainly if you can not get the low side to drop at all chances your compressor is not pumping correctly. If you have a scroll compressor you can do the same thing but stop at around 40 50 PSI and see what happens to your low side pressure. You can also front seat the vapor port service valve instead of the liquid line service port , you don’t need to hook up a gauge port there.

This way if you have extra refrigerant in the system due to long line set ,closing the vapor port you should be able to get your low side below zero PSI on reciprocating compressor for testing purpose. It does not seem to be your RV as you state you have equalized pressures.

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Perhaps nut driver or pliers. Voltmeter that can read volts alternating current AC. How to remove a defective run capacitor: In your home circuit breaker box, you most likely have 2 circuit breakers related to your HVAC:

Home / Popular HVAC Questions & Answers. If the air coming out of the vents is not cool I would suggest hooking up gauges to the unit and see if the compressor is pumping or not. The gauges will show whether the unit is low on charge, has a bad valve and whether or .

Located near Austin, Texas, we ship our products to all corners of the globe. Zebra Instrument’s products are proudly made or assembled in the U. To request a password to order this way, click here. After registering, enter the site by clicking here. A few of our products: The Universal Zebra is able to test run a motor in one or more up to six speeds. It has seven LEDs and three 3-way switches.

It is housed in a rugged, latchable case that protects the tool, the harness, and the power input clips. Inside the lid is a place for each Adapter’s corresponding magnetic overlay card, which describes the functions of each switch and LED with respect to that specific motor series.

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