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We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful city of Charleston! Through years of study sessions, shared commutes, sushi dates and city adventures, they quickly became best friends. With two marathons under their belts, as well as several cross country visits, long distance friendship has only brought them closer together. From a summer semester spent in Ithaca, trips to Jess’s home country of Canada, a shared house their senior year, and countless girls’ weekends since graduation, Jess has been an invaluable friend through the years. Jess earned her Master of Health Informatics degree from the University of Michigan, and currently works as a health consultant in both New York and Ontario. She lives in New York City with her husband, Ethan. Claire Hausauer – Bridesmaid Claire is sister to the groom, and Kim could not be more excited to gain a sister of her own.


The Iliad and the Odyssey were presented using puppetry. The roots of European puppetry probably extend back to the Greek plays with puppets played to the “common people” in the 5th century BC. These dolls had articulated arms and legs, and in some cases an iron rod extending up from the tops of their heads.

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History[ edit ] Puppetry is a very ancient art form, thought to have originated about years ago. Archaeologists have unearthed one terracotta doll with a detachable head capable of manipulation by a string dating to BC. In Java , wayang kulit , an elaborate form of shadow puppetry is very popular. Javanese rod puppets have a long history and are used to tell fables from Javanese history. Another popular puppetry form in Indonesia is Wayang golek. China has a history of puppetry dating back years, originally in “pi-yung xi”, the “theatre of the lantern shadows”, or, as it is more commonly known today, Chinese shadow theatre.

By the Song Dynasty — AD , puppets played to all social classes including the courts, yet puppeteers, as in Europe, were considered to be from a lower social stratum. Some very experienced puppeteers can manipulate their puppets to perform various stunts, for example, somersaults in the air. Japan has many forms of puppetry, including the bunraku. Bunraku developed out of Shinto temple rites and gradually became a highly sophisticated form of puppetry.

Chikamatsu Monzaemon , considered by many to be Japan’s greatest playwright, gave up writing Kabuki plays and focused exclusively on the puppet-only Bunraku plays. Initially consisting of one puppeteer, by three puppeteers were used to operate each puppet in full view of the audience. The oldest historical evidence of puppetry in Korea comes from a letter written in A. A kkoktugakshi puppet play has eight scenes.

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What are the best things to do in Paris? What to eat in Paris? You can find the current winner here. Its inhabitants are known for their warmth and distinctive southern accent. For those who only picture France as Paris, farms, or chateaux, Marseille will probably come as a surprise: What are the best things to do in Marseille?

Stroll around in the Vieux Port old port for a seaside ambiance and Instagram-worthy photos. A short trip outside the city, Les Calanques is the rocky terrain along the Mediterranean coast. Everyone I know who comes back from a trip to Marseille gets a happy, dazed look on their face when they talk about going to Les Calanques. What to eat in Marseille? Originally a way for fisherman to use their scraps, this deliciously seasoned fish stew which has several variants is held in much higher regard today.

It was even the capital of Gaul France in Roman times.

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Primarily, organized crime in France is based in its urban, major cities such as Marseille, Grenoble, Paris, and zed criminals are collectively known as the French Mob and singularly known as les beaux voyous (i.e. “the goodfellas”) operating within Le Milieu (French: luh mil-yuh; i.e. “the underworld”).. From the s to the late s, activities within Le Milieu were primarily.

I can almost never help myself from ordering it when I see it on the menu. Chef Brian Reilly pictured above made it for us the other day. But I urge you to make it at home. A lot of folks are worried about bacteria, and with good reason. Poorly handled meat can make you sick. Choose the cheapest leanest cut you can find if you have access to farm raised beef, even better , which is usually top round or eye of round. First, wash your hands, then rinse the meat thoroughly under running water.

Then rinse it, grind or chop, season and serve.

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This time, the researchers are taking on soft robotics again, and have This last robot was the result of a project at But recently, a mechanical engineering

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Puppetry is a form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation of puppets – inanimate objects, often resembling some type of human or animal figure, that are animated or manipulated by a human called a a performance is also known as a puppet puppeteer uses movements of her hands, arms, or control devices such as rods or strings to move the body, head.

Gray’s parents were killed in the incident as well. Lyon, along with Ur, a powerful ice Mage who Jellal claimed could have been one of the Ten Wizard Saints, came investigating Deliora’s destruction, and found Gray alive among the ruins. Gray accepted the training in order to eventually avenge his deceased parents by killing Deliora using Ur’s unorthodox methods. Gray also obtained the unusual habit of stripping unconsciously from Ur’s training methods.

Gray collapsed from battling Deliora and woke up to see Ur battling it. Ur told him to take Lyon and run. Gray carried Lyon and saw that Ur had lost her leg and replaced it with ice. Suddenly, Lyon woke up and tried to cast Iced Shell, but Ur stopped him by freezing him. She explained to Gray that Iced Shell was the only thing that would beat Deliora, and was surprised to know that Lyon had tried to do what she planned.

She then used Iced Shell which caused her body to be destroyed. Before turning into ice, she made Gray promise to tell Lyon that she died and told him to step into the future, since she would seal his darkness. The next day, Lyon woke up and discovered Deliora encased in ice and Ur’s sacrifice.

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